time for a face-to-face job interview…

…sometime in may.


company e finally came back with their feedback and confirmed that they thought the phone interview went well and would like to have a face to face interview. i had expected that that would mean me flying to nz to meet with them and also get a feel for hamilton. bad assumption i guess. they indicated that the cto that i spoke with was traveling to europe and the states sometime in may and they would coordinate with me to setup something for then. i’ll admit this seems like a long time for such a baby step since he and i spoke for over an hour on the phone and i don’t think either of us will learn much more during a face to face. but that said, i do admit that when i’m hiring i always hire the person and not the resume, and that for a position like this feeling comfortable with a candidate’s communication and people skills is key, so maybe it does make sense before investing in the time and money for me to fly to nz.

more waiting.

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