the nzis london branch (where our application is bring processed) updates a web page from time to time to indicate where they are on the queue. several weeks ago they indicated that as of march 23rd they were allocating applications lodged up to and include december 10th. we submitted our application on january 25th. so i was expected that it would be about 6 weeks from then before we got a case officer – somewhere around the 7th of may or so. but then there we no more updates to the site so i had no more insight into where they were. today i checked again (part of my sad daily ritual) and holy cow – “for the week ending 20th April 2007 we are allocating files lodged up to and including 6th February 2007”

so have we been allocated?

no word but several folks on the nz emigration forum have mentioned that if your application is in order you might not hear right away when it get allocated to a case officer. in fact hearing right away was always because something was missing or of concern.

i think i’ll call nzis tomorrow and see where we are. i’ve been very good and not nagging them, but this is too tantalizing.

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