“i didn’t realise you would be so difficult”

two month update on the nz job search.

i’ve been continuing to work with larry on finding a nz job. for the first month larry focused on project management positions. he represented me on about a dozen opportunities. i’m confident that i could have done any of them but as expected it is much easier to hire someone local. we spent quite a bit of time on a pm position at the christchurch city council and made it to the final few but short of an actual interview. larry suggested we shift our focus to software development management positions. that would be my preference but i had expected it to be easier to find a project management opportunity. in the last month we’ve focused on 4 or 5 management positions. for these positions larry is working with the company’s senior management and they all are saying that the cv and references look good but that they just don’t have anything that is a match.

this leaves the pipeline fairly empty.

i could sense that larry was losing his spark a bit and i was getting nervous that his original view that he would have an offer for me by mid may was looking shaky. i rang up larry on skype and asked what his confidence level was. his response – “i didn’t realize you would be so difficult.” what he meant was that he didn’t expect it to be so difficult to find me a job – but i got a laugh out of it none the less.

this reopens the old debate of do i focus entirely on nz positions and pass on local boston opportunities, or do i take a take a boston job and delay my nz search until we arrive much later?

current thinking – time to get a boston job.

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