what we have here is a failure to communicate

considering the very significant effort, cost and most notably time required to get us this far in the nz immigration process i found the following news report from radio new zealand particularly (humourous / frustrating / hard to believe)?

Posted at 8:56am on 23 Feb 2007
The New Zealand Government has proposed a major shift in immigration policy to target skilled migrants in a bid to address key labour shortages in areas like IT.
The proposed move is part of a major overhaul of immigration policy designed to ensure New Zealand competes with other OECD countries for skilled migrants.
Cabinet papers on the new policy say an increasing global demand for skilled workers will make New Zealand’s current immigraton services unviable.
The government has allocated the Department of Labour an extra $2 million to start developing the policy changes. The aim is to have it completed in 18 months.
Pro-active policy necessary
Immigration Minister, David Cunliffe, says New Zealand is going to have to be more pro-active when recruting new immigrants if it’s to survive the current skills shortage.
Mr Cunliffe told Morning Report officials will have to increase marketing around the world in areas like information technology.
Earlier he said what’s needed is an immigration system that actively recruits skilled workers, rather than one that just waits for people to come here.

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