nz connections

way back in my orange days we needed some specialized skills for a project we were working on. working through connections we found a consultant named andrew watkins who worked out of his home in the uk. i never got the chance to meet him but he did a great job. so last year when i needed someone again with the same skills i went to his website to retrieve his contact details and found that he had just recently moved himself and his family to new zealand. now that’s a little spooky – particularly since i later found that he had never been before he, his wife, 3 kids, dog and cat made the jump. considering that the uk is even further away from nz than boston, you’d have to be truely adventurous to make the move unseen. andrew kept a great journal of the moving, settling and their first year in nz –

i contacted andrew earlier in the week to get his advice on how to begin my nz job search. he gave me lots of good pointers including an introduction to the recruiter that found his nz job for him – larry beck. earlier today i had my first skype call with larry and we’re off and running. great to have someone local in nz, who understands the local market and job search process. larry gave me some good advice on how to update my cv (resume) to be more appropriate for the nz market. now he’ll begin the search.

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