good things doctors aren’t responsible for anything important – like your health

yesterday as i am assembling the application i notice that jackie’s doctor has not provided the lab results for her hiv or hepatitis b tests and has not signed any of the other labs. well, doh.

strike one for not following the directions.

while the nz application including the medical is crazy long it is very specific with fairly clear instructions. so jackie calls the office explaining that we need the results *today* and they say they’ll look into it and get back to her. after hearing nothing jackie calls and they say that they mailed the results.

strike two for not listening. we said we needed the results that day.

jackie calls back and gets the go ahead for me to pick up the results from the office. i pick them up and decide to double check just to make sure. there is no hep test. i go back in and ask. lots of quiet whispering amongst the staff. then a doctors assistant says they can’t discuss it with me. i ask if they have the results of the test and they admit no. jackie calls back again and schedules a time for her to leave work and drive in to give more blood so they can repeat the test. so my trip in was a total waste. and i didn’t mention that the hiv test results were not signed (as we asked) and were anonymous without the tracking documentation so not what we needed.

strike three for not being honest. jackie was very clear about what we needed and they didn’t mention that something was missing.

since jackie is giving more blood we need to create a new nzis identification certificate to prove that she is who she says she is (requiring new photo, passport, documentation, etc.) so i rush home to put everything together and drop it of at jackie’s office before she heads to the doctors office. the next day they call and say the results are ready so jackie drives back in to pick them up. hep results are ready and they are able to provide the tracking documentation for the hiv test. all good. when jackie asks for the signed test request form that she dropped off yesterday for signature they say “whut?”

strike four for still not listening.

ultimately jackie is able to help them find what we need and heads home to stuff in the paperwork just as i’m ready to seal it up.

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