take back

many posting ago i was giving the boston university regiistrar a hard time. well, it’s now time to take it all back.

just in case we need to go through the nzqa process i’ve been starting to assemble everything required.

  • original transcripts from undergrad and grad school. (easy, just more money)
  • university issued course descriptions from undergrad and grad school. (not easy. requires someone from the registrar to copy tons of pages from 24 year old course bulletins)
  • original copies of testimonials from previous employers (already got these for the nzis application but will need to ask for another copy from everyone – sigh)

so i sent off a request to case and bu for the course transcripts along with an explanation of my deadlines and asking if they could get me something that i could have in london by the end of the month. i sent off the request on thursday.

i got everything i needed from bu today (saturday).

holy moly. someone broke all the rules to make that happen.

thanks bu registrar.

yet one more example of the many folks who have really gone out of the way to help.

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