14 weeks + 4 days = 19 weeks

so when i last spoke to the fbi in mid december they said it was taking 14 weeks (instead of the advertised 8 to 10) to process requests. today is 14 weeks and nuttin’ in the mailbox, so i called the fbi for an update.

i totally predicted the response. it was going to take longer due to the holidays.

now i think the christmas and new years holidays come fairly predictably each year so i really don’t understand why this wasn’t built into the estimates – but ok – there were 4 holidays so then we should expect the results in 14 weeks + 4 days?

nope. she said i should be looking for a response in mid february.

that would be 19+ weeks.

and would be a big mess since we need to submit before the end of the month when my medicals expire. i explained my pressing deadline and asked if there was anything that could be done. the agent suggested that i send an email to the director of the division.

i just sent off my nicest possible email asking for their help. we’ll see.

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