bad kharma

part of our application is to provide evidence of my work history including job titles. i joined epoch in 1990, it was acquired by emc in 1994 and i left in 1996. i was definitely not looking forward to cold calling emc hr and asking them to dig through 10 year old files to help me out. so i decided to first try an old epoch/emc colleague who was still at emc to see if he could connect me with the right people. he went way beyond the call of duty by pushing the request through the system. a week ago he dropped me a note saying it was ready to be printed and would be sent out this week.

then silence.

today he let me know that the day after he sent me the note that emc had moved his job out of the country (sound familiar?) and let him go.

once again way beyond expectations he continued to follow through on my request and gave me the contact details for those that were working on it.

thanks tracy.

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