my new job – pedro the house boy

the week before thanksgiving i could tell that something was up at work, so the day before i confronted the ceo who offered “you should be looking”.

happy holidays – enjoy your turkey.

today they let the entire client dev team (including me) go. vp on down. they are moving the work out of the country. i’ll admit that i was surprised – but i probably shouldn’t have been.

so my current job title is house boy – catering to the every need of my sugar momma.

the timing is quite poor. firstly if i were going to have some time off the dead of winter would not be my first choice (i’ve always wanted to do the long trail end-to-end for example). and more importantly our nz plans make it much more complicated. since we are applying under the skilled migrant category it would make things much easier if i were employed. it is not crystal clear what the requirements are and if this will have any impact. and putting the application aside my plan was to keep working until our application was approved and then take some time to relax and deal with all the logistics. since we haven’t even submitted yet approval could still be up to 10 months away. so do i try and find some short term gig? do i find another full time position and apologise if the approval comes through? no clear answer yet.

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