five boxes ticked, $28.33 spent

saturday morning went on a road trip with the jboss to one of the few notary public’s who has weekend hours so we could get certified copies of our passpost and diplomas. this lets us check off 5 items on the application to-do list. at $5 per certification plus a few bucks for the colour copies the tally was $28.33. just a blip in the big picture.

[UPDATE – we (me) did the copes wrong so we have to do them again. sigh]

our tally so far:

  • certified copies $28.33
  • fbi raps sheets 2*$18 + $9.95 for express mail
  • medical $20 (the bargain so far)
  • passport size photos $9 + $18.95 + $18.95
  • marriage certificate $14
  • bu transcript $5
  • case transcript $7
  • eoi application fee $201

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