so much for 3 weeks

ah – my childhood innocence.

after 2 weeks i was sure it would just be another week before we heard. well – we’ve now crossed the 2 month point and no word.

i mentioned before that there is a great site totally dedicated to emigrating to new zealand – i’ve spent countless hours there reading about the process, the timeline, salaries, expenses, etc. the main draw is a very active forum with folks who are both trying to emigrate and those who have already made the jump. almost every question i could have has already been asked and answered.

one of the frequent posters is pinkpiggy – the mum of a family from scotland. what makes them most interesting is that they were selected in the pool before us (july 24th), their eoi is also being handled by the london nzis branch and they’re still waiting. so i’m keeping an eye on their progress. i figure when they get the word we’ll be about 2 weeks later.

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