book’em danno

as part of our application we need to submit evidence of our clean criminal record. for us applicants that means our fbi “rap sheet.”

to get your record you send in $18 and your fingerprints.

the fbi site says we need to have our prints taken by a fingerprint technician on an official fbi fingerprint card on card stock paper. what a pain. framingham police can do it (another $5), but only thursday mornings. and they don’t have any fingerprint cards. huh?! what do they do when they are printing the bad guys?

after printing out the fingerprint card on inkjet paper i’m off to stapes to get it copied onto card stock. then on to framingham police hq to get printed.

very nice guy at fphq. but get this. someone had stolen the fingerprinting desk. firstly who would want a fingerprinting desk – but more important wouldn’t you expect that a police hq would be fairly safe from theft?

fingerprints taken everythings is off to the fbi. results expected back in 8 to 10 weeks.

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