A4 – that’s just 8×10, right?

as i mentioned the nzis site is very good and all of the forms are available for download as pdf’s. so i thought i would be optimistic and get a jump on the application process and print out the main application forms and the medicals. well, as expected they are formated for A4 paper and so if you print them out with US Letter size (8.5 x 11) the bottom of each page gets cut off. that could speed up the application filling out effort a bit, but i’m guessing nzis won’t see it that way.

so – i trundle off to staples and ask for a reem of A4. i approach two of staples finest and ask “can you point me to the A4 paper?” as you can now expect there was a more than awkward pause before i got “whut?” i try again knowing i’m just barking up a thank-you-ronnie-for-killing-the-metric-system tree – “A4 – you know – letter sized paper used by everyone on the metric system.” “whut? – oh, that’s 8×10, right?”

found it on staples.com. no surprise quite a bit more expensive that US Letter but a blip in the total cost of the process.

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