20 years later you’re still a deadbeat to the registrar

so i’ve starting gathering up the items that will be needed for the application – including university transcripts. i go to the cwru site and easily find the details on how to request a transcript. a few minutes and it is on it’s way. next stop, boston university. not so easy here. first hats off to them for capturing the essence of that adversarial relationship between registrar and student in electronic form. the bu registrar has all the hostility (no wisecracks) and none of the charm of the RMV. stand in this line, fill out this form, pay this fee (at another office), get this stamped, “Next!”.

the specifics of getting a copy are just dumb. you go to the registrars site, and get this, *print out* a copy of a transcript request form, that you then fill out with a pen (black) and send via postal mail (fax, email, electronic not accepted) along with your fee. the site and the form strongly emphasize that nothing will be done until they get their money.

i think the folks from alumni fundraising should have a sit down with these folks and explain that they are eating their young here. after this experience i’m not going to rush to my checkbook next time bu calls asking me to reflect fondly back on my great bu experience. (to be honest i don’t see myself tossing them a dime while they continue to give silber [former autocratic & controversial boston univ president] a million plus salary for a position with no responsibilities, but that is another rant).

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