cool those jets

based on the poking around i had done before i knew that the application process would take some time, but now the timeline is starting to get clearer. for those applying in the “skilled migrant” category (like us) they heavily favour those that have job offers. but since it will take us quite a while to be ready to relocate – and it’s very hard to get an offer w/o permanent residency in hand we will be applying sans an offer. so back of the line for us.

general timeline: submit eoi – pool draw within 2 weeks, response from nzis within 3 months (vs 10 days for those w/ offers) submit application – response within 4 months (vs 30 days) interview – scheduled within 2 months (not required for those w/ offers)

end 2 end – up to 9 months assuming zero time for us to turn around applications.

so was it to soon for me to empty the fridge?

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